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Old Book Journal

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Upcycled old book journal by Jen met a Feminist

This hand stitched reclaimed old book journal is salvaged second hand and had damage that made it largely unusable for its typical purpose of reading. My eco philosophy is to use books that would otherwise be discarded a much a possible and to repurpose them into a second lease on life.

- 120 pages of acid free recycled blank white paper
- Stitched by hand, using hand-waxed thread (bees wax) in a complimentary colour to the book cover
- Stitched with a coptic stitch meaning that your book and it's pages lie flat, making it perfect for writing, sketching or even light painting.
- Book spine is included as book mark

- When your journal is full, you can cut out the pages (they will remain together) and we can stitch more pages in, giving your book a lifetime of use.

Part of our mission is to celebrate the books authentic history and life. We want to celebrate the great life this book led, inspiring mind, providing escapes and traveling through the hands of many, meaning if someone signed their name, drew a picture or a library sign out card is still glued to the back cover then we want to preserve those details because their story is a huge part of the character of your new old book journal.