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Moose & Goose on the Bus Book

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Spring is coming, and everyone knows it. As Moose and Goose ride the bus, they talk about spring. Goose loves spring and all that goes with it. Moose loves the sunshine, but isn’t sure about the chill in the air. Bruce, the bus driver, hates the chill of spring and doesn’t care who knows it. Moose, like a good friend, comes up with a plan that will make everyone happy—just in time for spring!


Moose and Goose on the Bus teaches children that a positive outlook can go a long way and that acts of love and kindness show others you care. Moose and Goose prove that it’s okay to disagree on things, because good friends love you just the way you are.

Grace Diane has always been drawn to children’s books that also appeal to adults in both plot and humour. Her weird fascination with moose, combined with her love of all things Canadian, brought about her main characters. Moose and Goose on the Bus is the first book in the Moose and Goose series.


Grace lives just outside London, Ontario, with her husband, their three daughters, three mastiffs, and Sir Winston the cat.