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Liquid Dish Soap | Melon + Salty Air

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Melon + Salty Air — The beach house by the sea has always been a magical place. With its wooden floors creaking under the weight of its visitors, its delectable scent of lemon and coconut, and its orchids always perfectly set at the center of the table, the place is a safe and quiet sanctuary. Sitting on the porch with the sea breeze blowing through our hair, we watch the green leaves of the trees twirl in the wind. The lush greenery decorating the shoreline reminds us that it only takes a few days in an environment free of artificial distractions to feel alive and invigorated. Top notes: Airy Citrus, Fresh Salty Air Middle notes: Leafy Greens, Water Orchid, Sheer Coconut Base notes: Sea Grass, Driftwood Why we love it -biodegradable and made with toxins-free ingredients -ultra-concentrated and designed with maximum degreasing agents -gentle and hydrating formula that can also serve as hand soap -vegan and without animal cruelty -made in Canada