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All Purpose Cleaner | Conifers + Frosted Cypress

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Conifers + Frosted Cypress — With snowshoes on our feet as the instruments of our exploration, we discover the trails of an icy forest with enthusiasm. As the winter sun plummets through the branches of conifers, we find ourselves marvelling at every detail. The air is pure, as if scents of eucalyptus were awakening our spirits.

Top notes: Conifers, Fresh Bergamot Middle notes: Crushed Mint, Eucalyptus Leaves Base notes: Vanilla Extract, Frozen Musk Our home collection is enriched with this versatile all-purpose cleaner that is safe for all types of surfaces. It also cleans computer screens, telephone screens and glasses without streaks, and it repels dust thanks to its anti-static agent. Why we love it -biodegradable and made with toxins-free natural ingredients -safe for the air in your home - naturally non-irritating to the respiratory tract -vegan and without animal cruelty -made in Canada Use Spray on surfaces and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.